Anti-aging Eye Serum~ 2oz

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This signature 'olena and hibiscus elixir is loaded with natural anti aging properties to quickly penetrate the skin, combat inflammation and turn over aging/tired skin cells by giving it a vitamin boost.  

Infused with organic 'olena (turmeric), dried hibiscus flowers, kukui nut oil, coconut oil, vitamin E, lavender, rosemary and geranium essential oils.

Because this serum contains Vitamin A, it may increase photosensitivity (sensitivity to sunlight). Therefore, when first starting out, apply only a small amount to spot treat areas once daily, preferably at night. When your skin adapts, you may apply around the eyes once to twice daily. Do not apply onto eyelids, as natural oils can cause the serum to run and irritate eyes. Rub in completely in between, under and around eyes. Also great for upper lip, neck and jaw line.