• Eucalyptus Aromatherapy Pillow: Fresh & Clean

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    Eucalyptus has a well-deserved reputation for cleansing, clarifying and purifying the air. Thus the basis of its aromatherapeutic appeal. It helps to relieve cough, reduce and eliminate surface and airborne bacteria, facilitates easy breathing, soothes & relaxes and is that refreshing and cooling sensation you get when you rub Vicks on your chest--that's right, FUN FACT! Vicks VapoRub contains approximately 1.2% eucalyptus oil.

    Microwave and freezer/fridge friendly. 

    Place warm pillow on achy areas: sore back, tense neck

    Chill pillow and place on inflamed and throbbing areas: on eyes for migraines, swollen joints

    Or simply place on eyes as is for a soothing and lovely rest.

    Available in small, medium & large sizes. Patterns vary based on availability, but we have multiple novelty prints. Please select a color base of choice. 

    Small: 3.5"x11"

    Medium: 5"x12"

    Large: 6"x13"