Mad Hatter

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A silly and fun mix of fruit oils that will keep you smiling and dancing to your own beat all day long - Not to mention perfectly moisturized and exfoliated. This formula is complex, but all the fun ones are!

Coconut oil, shea butter, vanilla, pineapple extract, kiwi extract, grapefruit essential oils and ground papaya and strawberry seeds for vitamin exfoliation.

*Our handmade soap bars go through a timed curing process, which is crucial for their ability to withstand moisture. When the soaps cure, their water weight drops, which allows them to tolerate more humidity than most soap products.

Soap bars are available in two sizes:
Standard Size: 3.75-4.5 oz
Guest/Travel Size:2-2.5oz
Depending on their fluctuating water content and wrapping, their shipping weight will more than likely be slightly increased... But enjoy free shipping!!!