PMS Pack

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The ultimate box for your box. Designed to help women (and anyone around them) survive the dreaded monthly cycle.
Creatively customized combinations to truly make your kit fit your monthly needs! Whether you crave chocolate, are always low on tampons & pads, suffer those mean menstrual cramps, migraines, mood swings... or all of the above--we've got you covered!
Name your poison. Based on your pack choice, you will get a wide array of essentials for your cycle-- beauty products, aromatherapy, pain relief, and merry makers. In addition to the basic period needs, we will add in some problem solvers for your unique week. Be sure to select your nightmare symptom from the drop down menu (cravings, low energy, mood swings, cramps, etc) and include any additional notes of what you like and need (specific colors, themes (Disney, sports team, college, weird cravings, allergies, health conditions, etc).

The only stop shop for your feminine times so you can continue being feminine ALL MONTH LONG!